Together we create value for sustainable development

Our purpose is to create value for our stakeholders with a long-term vision. It is our responsibility and commitment to have a positive impact with our actions, promote the industrial development of Mexico with focus on prosperity, social inclusion and environmental sustainability.

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We are proud to acknowledge that the continuity of our operations generates positive impacts throughout the porfolio, contributing to the well-being of society and safeguarding the environment

Alberto ChretinCEO and Chairman of the Board

ESG Terrafina

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) are the factors that drive our sustainability strategy. They form part of our investment philosophy, ensuring the achievement of results in a responsible way that promotes a better place for future generations.

Integration of ESG objectives to Terrafina

We seek to integrate economic well-being, strong corporate governance, social justice and environmental sustainability into our business model.


ESG strategy

We developed the ESG strategy from our materiality analysis

Long-term profitability requires sustainable business models that create value for all stakeholders. Collaboratively, we achieve our goal, which is the creation of sustainable value:

  • Boost the country's industrial progress by offering comprehensive real estate solutions that contribute to the growth of our value chain
  • Generate returns for our investors under guiding principles and solid corporate governance
  • Caring for our planet through sustainable industrial developments that reduce our environmental footprint
  • Value and care for our talent, promoting a workspace that supports the well-being and professional and personal development of our team
  • Respect and uphold human rights and generate alliances and initiatives that favor the quality of life of the communities

Impact on every decision

We believe that the contribution to our stakeholders will be sustainable to the extent that our decision-making, capabilities and operations are aligned with our ESG objectives. By defining our best practice initiatives and correct measurement, it will allow us to overcome industry related challenges.

At Terrafina we are aware of our capacity and responsibility to promote a socially responsible, resilient and sustainable culture with all our stakeholders.



Our impact will be monitored and evaluated by different standards and metrics that will result in consistent updates and consolidation of our practices and policies. We will focus our efforts on a culture of continuous improvement.


Our strategic actions are aligned with the 2030 Agenda, through the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).