Our Properties

Our properties consist of attractive distribution centers as well as light manufacturing properties, with an optimal location, mainly in markets which have solid foundations in economical development and vigorous industrial activity in the Northern, Bajio and Central regions of Mexico.


The properties that form our portfolio consist of 300 properties, including 289 developed industrial properties with a Gross Leasable Area (GLA) of approximately 42.3 million square feet and 11 land reserve properties.

Our portfolio is diversified geographically, by sector and by type of leaseholder. Our properties are located in 32 cities and 16 states of Mexico. Because of its size, diverse composition and strategic location, our portfolio of industrial properties is one of the largest in Mexico.

Attractive properties

The strategic location of our properties allows us to participate in the growing demand of modern industrial and logistic facilities. We have developed high quality and flexible properties, with modern characteristics such as space between columns, high ceilings, office space, and large and deep loading docks with good vehicular access.

Economies of scale

The size of our initial portfolio provides diversified income, costs savings, and economies of scale that allow us to expand our leaseholders space at the pace of their businesses growth; we have 1.2 million square feet in adjacent land available for expansions, and we have built a presence in attractive markets that we believe allows us the possibility of benefiting from the continuous economic expansion in Mexico.